Purchase subsidies for libraries

Support for quality books is a purchase subsidy granted to municipal libraries annually by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purchase subsidy covers all Finnish municipalities except those in Åland. Libraries receive purchase subsidy lists, which contain items considered to be low in circulation but high in quality and which the libraries can order up to the subsidy amount. The allowance for the current year also permits libraries to acquire works included on the previous year’s purchase subsidy list.

The subsidy list for high-quality non-fiction books is prepared by the Committee for Public Information. The equivalent list for fiction books is prepared by the National Council for Literature. More information about purchase subsidies is available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Deadline for proposals 1.12.

Proposals concerning non-fiction literature must be made by 1 December each year on the electronic form (the same form as used for state award nominations). Proposals can also be submitted by email or post. See our contact details.

In addition to books, the purchase subsidy list may also contain plain language literature, audio books, large text books, sign language recordings and Sámi literature. Translated works can also be proposed for inclusion on the purchase subsidy list. 

The Committee for Public Information drafts a proposed purchase subsidy list for non-fiction literature and submits it to the Ministry in March. 

For publishers: 

Each publisher may propose up to six (6) items.

Publishers are requested to deliver to the committee’s office one (1) evaluation copy of each non-fiction book proposed for inclusion on the purchase subsidy list.

All of the works delivered to the Committee throughout the year will be included in deliberations in the same way as for works nominated for the State Award for Public Information. 

For further information, see contact details.